Michelle by evelina WosjnukMichelle by evelina Wosjnuk
Michelle by evelina wosjnukParis by Adrie Stoete with limbs Natali blick
Paris by Adrie StoeteParis by Adrie Stoete
Kailyn by Laura Tuzio RossJill by Adrie Stoete
 Adrie Stoete
Lotus by Adrie StoeteLotus by Adrie StoeteSammie by Adrie Stoete
Noelle by Adrie Stoete
Barry by Adrie StoeteAdrie StoeteAdrie StoetePhyllis by Elisa Marx
Kyra by Linda Murray
Paris by Adrie Stoete
and again a Michelle I adore this baby sculptJamie by Olga Auer
Winnie by emily Jacobsen
Rainer by Romie Strydom
mu sweat soairse!
Cindy Musgrove
Kai LDC softline Jannie de LangeDAKOTA LDC softline Sheila Michael
coco malu by elisa marx
Sharlamea by Bonnie Brown
older work, ouder werkMeredith by Bonnie Brown
Two Michelles, old work and new workMichelle by Evelina wosjnuk
Angel by Olga auer
Arianna by Reva Schick