Kleuters, toddlers, reborn toddlers
Playing fairy... : she loves to help me in the kitchenmaking musicand just..beiing beautifull
playing in the gardenHer sister...
she also like to cook
suzon by laura tuzio ross
Iris by Adrie Stoete one of my favorits!another Iris
Kenia by Adrie Stoetecuddles and cookie by Donna rubert
Gabriela child by Reva Schick SOLD OUT edition
Tatiana by Reva Schick
caucasion TatianaArianna by Reva Schcik
antoher Ariannaand her sleeping Arianna sister
Bo ellen by Adrie Stoete
emma by Adrie Stoete
My little look a like Simon :-)
nog een Arianna Bonnie by Linda Murray finaly ready:-)
Other bonnie by The cradle Linda Murray
Nicole by natali Blick 40inch child
another Nicole older work 2008
Bonnie Brown
Angelica by reva schick big girl, rooted hair